Things Australians Say

Just a list of some things that I have heard Aussies say! Some of them are quite comical but overall I love them and I will be bringing some of these back with me to the States.

G-day Mate- Good day friend


Mackkers- McDonalds

Uni- College/University

No Worries- You’re Welcome/Its okay/No Problem

Ho0roo- Goodbye/See you later

Kiwi- Someone who lives in New Zealand

Milk Bar- local/corner shop selling take away, convenience shop

I’m Nackered- exhausted or very tired

Chewy- gum

Chemist- Drugstore

Chips- French Fries

Ta- Thanks

Berko – Going crazy

Crickey! – Surprised at something (good or bad)

Thongs – Flip-flop shoes

Relies – Relatives

Footy- Australia Football


Buggered if i know-Don’t know, have no idea

Cuppa- Having a cup of tea

Tuts- Tutorials (which for me means a discussions style classes)

Rubbish- Garbage

Beaut –great, fantastic

Bathers- swim suit


Good on Yeah!- Good job