Music Frees the Soul

As it turns out procrastination leads me to actually write some more posts. This always happen, when you are supposed to do something, you end up doing something that you aren’t supposed to do. I think it was ingrained in us from an early age.  Flashback to the times your mother told you to clean your room. You grumble, make your way to the closet and then you start playing with all the things you found that you didn’t know you had because they were buried under your mess.  I suppose writing this paper is my room that needs to be cleaned.  I was searching through my iTunes to make a study playlist to encourage me to work when I was curious to see if any of my favorite bands were playing in Melbourne.  Once I started looking the bands up, I not only discovered that I had missed a lot of concerts in the beginning of my time in Australia including one of my all time favorites Bon Iver (from Wisconsin, Whoop, Whoop! Home state pride) but a lot of my favorite bands were drum roll please…. Australian. Why it never occurred to me to actually look the band info up is beyond me, but then again it was always more my prerogative to listen to the songs a hundred times on repeat rather than actually researching the artist. Sorry, if that makes me a bad fan.

I absolutely positively adore music. I am actually quite mad about it. Luckily for me, my summer job consists of working at Summerfest in my hometown of Milwaukee, which according to Guinness World Records is the largest music festival in the world. (There it is that word again, hometown. I always feel odd using it because Milwaukee isn’t actually a town; it’s a city. Then again, I didn’t create the cliché so I guess if I am using it I shouldn’t pick it apart).  While it is not as famous as Bonnaroo, Coachella or Lollapalooza, it has something for everyone and I do suggest heading to Milwaukee one time during the 11-day festival. Instead of catering to one particular group of people usually the young Indie scene, every genre is covered at Summerfest. The acts range from Florence  & the Machine to Eric Clapton, Kid Cudi to Santana, Kiss to Peter Gabriel, Lady Antebellum to ZZ Top and much more. I just realized I really sound like an ad sponsor for this festival; perhaps I should be paid more.

Anyway, now that I was a bit sidetracked, back to Australian music. Australia has a unique tradition in folk music going all the way back to the oral tradition of the aborigine people.  Traditional indigenous music includes the didgeridoo, considered to oldest instrument in the world. With European immigration, the  English, Celts, Scandinavians, and Germans also brought their folk music to Australia. “Bush band music” originated by the working convicts sent from England who sang  ballads about their harsh lives and isolationism. Thus, music that emerged was a mix between aborigine storytelling, folk songs, and melodic ballads. Now, folk rock and indie rock dominate Australia’s music scene but their folk origins can still be found in contemporary music.

Here is a list of some of my favorite bands that also happen to be Australian. Granted my favorite genres of music are indie, singer songwriter, folk and alternative rock which thrive in Australia It’s the perfect place for my musical taste.  I even included some links to my favorite songs.

Youth Group

Empire of the Sun

Hungary Kids of Hungary

Lisa Mitchell


The Temper Trap (of course)

The Jezabels

The Woodenelves

Laura Jean


Boy & Bear

Tin Sparrow

Eskimo Joe

The Paper Kites


Angus & Julia Stone

I’ll also throw in a couple New Zealand favorites as well.




Enjoy the tunes!! If anyone has any other Australian bands that they think I would love, post them. I always love finding new music.